Love and The Moon is dedicated to beautiful love stories, authentic moments and documentary photography.




Our Story

One gorgeous (and fateful) Sunday morning, I woke up in bed with a niggling idea. Weddings. And more to the point, painting them. As an artist, I've always loved beautiful things, and as a daydreamer, I've always loved weddings.

I immediately set about painting some sample weddings, printing business cards and setting up an Instagram Business Account. I'm not one to dawdle. And through the crazy amazing wedding painting journey, my love of all things wedding did not dwindle.

It grew. I loved the pretty pictures, the romance, the checklists (hey, I'm from a corporate background, spreadsheets are my thing!)

When I realised I was bossing my engaged friends around how best to manage their weddings, I decided to put my passion to a healthier direction, and VOILA! 

Love and The Moon was born

 Love and The Moon covers all of my favourite things about weddings and love stories, all through gorgeously edited photography. The romance. The beautifully planned details. The quirky moments and the tear jerking ones. I even throw in some checklists and some DIY every now and then.