Tegan and Tim's Magical DIY wedding in Stanford

Tegan and Tim's Magical DIY wedding in Stanford

I was lucky enough to attend Tegan and Tim's beautiful wedding as their live wedding painter, and I can tell you firsthand that it was as beautiful and romantic as it looks in the gorgeous photos captured by Lauren Pretorius.

The couple chose to tie the knot at De Oudekraal venue just outside of Stanford, and as the venue does not have a cutoff time, their guests were free to enjoy a whole night of celebrations, beautifully accompanied by live music, sparkling fairy lights and so many unique personal touches selected by the bride and groom.

We got the inside story from Tegan on their beautiful love story:

"Tim and I have known each other since Primary School. I travelled  to/and lived in different provinces as a child and found myself back in  Cape Town for High School & attending the girl's school to his boy's school. I saw him on the odd occasion at school events but we had  different friendship circles so we simply greeted each other & shared a few words here & there. Only after high school did we get chatting through mutual friends & that is where our relationship began.

 9 years later, Tim proposed on the top of Constantia Nek. We always wanted to hike to the 3rd Dam and only ever made it to the first one. Finally one day we decided to attempt the long hike with 2 of our closest friends.

Little did I know, they were in on it - and in their backpacks were champagne glasses, champagne and a camera to capture the moment. After hours of hiking Tim got down on one knee & proposed on the Hutchinson dam wall. After I said "yes!" the four of us enjoyed bubbles over looking the whole of Cape Town.

I only found out a few weeks later that Tim tried to propose throughout the hike but I kept
 running away to take photos of the view - completely unaware of what was  happening (LOL)"

Favourite aspect of wedding planning?

The fun of a wedding doesn't need to stop just at the wedding day, and Tegan and Tim spent months before the wedding creating special DIY projects with their friends and family.

Tegan even mentioned that their favourite part of planning the wedding was the DIY leading up to the day. Enjoying  the activities, drinking wine and sharing their excitement for the wedding with her  bridesmaids & parents brought them all together and added to the anticipation of the final day. Tim made all of the couple's wedding games and Tegan even made the cutest little animal placeholders individually for each guest.

Favourite moments?

Tim's favourite moment from the wedding was "seeing Tegan walk down the aisle".

Tegan: "Seeing Tim smiling as I walked down the aisle as well as before the ceremony when my Step Dad rushed out to our wedding car to  put on my Dad's bowtie and made sure he was ready to walk me down the aisle - it was very sweet and will be a special memory in my heart


Personal Details

"My favourite personal details were the gold wine bottles on our table - those were literally drank by us and our friends and recycled into a special celebration with all of them. The handkerchiefs that were on the ceremony benches were made by my gran so those were also special.

 Finally, my bridesmaids necklaces were very special as a friend made them. She runs a gemstone accessories company (Edelstone Jewels) and she handpicked each stone for the girls herself. I chose raw aquamarine for their necklaces because it meant so much to me -

A) being the stone for March

B) representing love & faithfulness and

C) being the raw version of my
 wedding ring."

Standout Vendors

Vendors that stood out were my photographer, Lauren Pretorius (Obvs) she was  absolutely amazing and didn't miss anything! I chose her because she loves her details like I do and I knew she's capture all those things the way I would if I had my camera.

Bouwer Flowers created our exact vision when it came to the greenery and flowers - she also treated me to the most amazing bouquet, I had no idea she was going to add little gold touches to it and it just tied the whole theme together beautifully.

Mary-Ann was a huge hit as she live painted a scene from the wedding, our guests still speak
 about it!

Mischa Dream Folk sang during our reception cocktails and stayed to sing our first dance. It was absolutely amazing and people only realised half way through the song that there was actually someone singing it live - she sang it so flawlessly!

Finally, Happinest was really helpful at putting all our ideas together and making sure it was
 all within budget. She also accommodated my DIY ideas so well and was full of helpful advice.

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