Custom Painted Jacket

Custom Painted Jacket

Custom Painted Jacket

R 1,850.00


Are you looking to add a beautiful and bespoke piece to your wardrobe?

Love & The Moon Floral Jackets are handpainted by Cape Town based artist Mary-Ann Wiggill (@marypaintsweddings on Instagram). A custom painted jacket makes a perfect wedding or occasion accessory.

Specialising in floral inspired designs with a touch of whimsy, Mary-Ann can incorporate your favourite flowers into the artwork as well as your chosen wording.

To order your custom jacket, please complete the form below x


Product Specifications:

High quality vegan leather jacket (black)

Hand painted floral design

Size to be specified by client

Shipping within South Africa is included

As each jacket is handpainted by the artist, please ensure you allow for a waiting time of up to 6 weeks.


Payment details

Payment can be made via EFT.


Bank: FNB
Branch Code: 256755
Account Number: 62057888136
Account Holder: Mary-Ann Wiggill

Please forward your proof of payment directly to:

Name *
These will be incorporated in the design of your jacket :)
Please specify your size
Please specify what colour you prefer for your lettering
Some Kind of Wonderful Painted Jacket

Some Kind of Wonderful Painted Jacket